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Interested in a relaxing and tasty barbeque party? Slagerij Vrijenhoek Traditional Butcher is a local butcher company that has been selling quality meat for 85 years, with many more years ahead. Our family company focuses in selling meat that is traceable and untreated with hormones or any other substances. Of course the health and wellbeing of the animal comes first.


Beside offering our homemade products, we also provide barbeque parties for a company gathering or any celebration at hand. We also offer barbeques at home. Of course all barbeques consist of a broad selection of products. Suited to your personal needs and likings. Another positive note, we are quite experienced with the French cuisine. Of course in particular the preparation of meat. Would you like to know more about our options? Feel free to contact us by email or phone. We speak basis French, English and Dutch. Of course you can also enjoy a barbeque at home.



We have several reviews from customers who have made use of this particular service. "Job and his team deliver amazing homemade products and experienced staff to help. Therefore, we had no worries and could really sit back and enjoy the party." "... Is a company that, beside making amazing products, it also pays quite an amount of attention to the French expats. After all, they know all about the preparation of meat in the French cuisine"




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